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Khao Lak-Lamroo National Park: This national park covers parts of Thaimuang, Ka-pong, Thakua-pa and Muang districts, and lies about 33 kms. south of Thakua-pa Town on Route 4. Tourist attractions here are:

Khao Lak : Twenty-five kilometers from Thakua-pa town on Route 4, only an hour from Phuket International Airport, there is a mountain with a shrine on top. This shrine is dedicated to the guardian spirit of Lak Mountain, or "Khao Lak". Opposite this mountain is Khao Lak Beach, a stretch of sand and rocks alternating. There are many accomodations and tour agencies here.

Laem Pakarang , located on the Takua Pa - Khao Lak route. Driving from Takua Pa town on Phetkasem Road, the cape will be on the right, another 5 kilometres down the side road.

It is a sandy beach piled with deer coral washed up on the beach by strong waves – thus giving the beach its name. The beach is blessed with groves of pine, making it ideal for camping and relaxation.

Namtok Ton Chong Fa is located on the Takua Pa - Khao Lak route like Laem Pakarang. Driving from Takua Pa town, the waterfall will be on the left, a right turn and going for another 5 kilometres. The cascade runs all year round and the surroundings are blissfully calm and cool under the trees’ shade.

Hat Bang Sak, located in Tambon Bang Muang on Phetkasem Road, on the Thai Mueang - Takua Pa section, between Km.76-77 and going down a side road for another hundred metres. The beach of Bang Sak has clean white sand and stretches along a grove of shady pines. Accommodation and restaurant are available on the beach.

Hat Khao Lak, 32 kilometres from Takua Pa, is now an interesting destination for domestic and overseas tourists. It has an advantage of beautiful, long beach of Andaman Sea and green mountain of Khao Lak-Lamru National Park parallel to the coast.

The accommodation of Takua Pa along Khao Lak and Bang Sak Beach are built in the original southern architecture style. With the combination of the hospitality of local people who love in nature and environment, seaside town of Khao Lak –Takuapa has its unique and charms of attracting tourists to the area.

Tourist Attractions in Ka-pong District :

Lamroo Waterfall : This waterfall is a national park in Kradai Mountains. It is a mediumsized waterfall and has 5 levels. Taking the fork from Route 4090 and passing Ka-pong District Administrative Office, drive toward Baan Lamroo for about 9 kms. The waterfall is another kilo meter away.

Hin Laad Waterfall : About 8 kms. east of the District Administrative Office, 3 streams formed this waterfall: the Baang Yai, Khao Mai Kaew, and Malakor. Rocks at this waterfall are spread out like paving stones and the water is crystal clear.

Naraya Nika Rhaam Temple : This temple is about 14 kms. away from the District Administrative Office there are three statues of Narayana (Rama), Rama's brother, and Rama's wife, Sita. These three statues also indicate the origins and antiquity of Hindu Thakua-pa, called in ancient times "Takola"

Ka-pong Hot Spring : The District of Ka-pong built a pool 8 kms. away from the District Administrative Office in order to catch the mineral water that flowed through this part of the sea. The water is 65 degrees Celsius.

Saeng Thong Waterfall : This waterfall is a medium-sized one, located 48 kms from Phang -nga Town. Opposite Ka-pong Hospital is a road leading to the waterfall. Go down this road for 6 kms. (5 kms. of which is asphalt, the last kilometer gravel). There are together 11 levels at this waterfall.


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