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Khao Lak has a wide variety of shopping items, souvenirs, T-Shirts, cloths, handmade tailor wear, jewelry, gems, local handicrafts and fine arts.

All these you will find in one of the various shops around or in the evening there is the so called Dragon Market - located on the main road. Stroll around, take a break with a nice drink, there are a lot of chill out places in between.

Bargaining is an art long practiced in Asian countries including Thailand. So feel free to ask for a proper discount when shopping in places where prices are not marked.

Be careful in dealing with sidewalk vendors who may not offer genuine goods at fair prices. Receipts should be obtained for the goods you buy. For jewelry you must get a certificate of guarantee as well.

Some shops can offer a money-back guarantee but you should clearly determine all conditions with the shopkeeper beforehand.

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